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June 9, 2017

10 Swim Shorts You Need This Summer

High-cut, knee-length, plain and painterly - we got them all

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Shorts

    Turn your body into a gallery for these Majolica-print Sicilian swim shorts. D&G perfectly channelling that Italian extra-ness. £315

  2. 2. Hartford Lilac Shorts

    These mid-lengters come in a lovely lilac - one of our favourite shades for this season because just enough of a deviation from ubiquitous baby pink. £90

  3. 3. Gucci Bengal-Print Shorts

    Could Gucci bring back the board short with this crouching tigers and blossoms design? £450 matchesfashion

  4. 4. Prada Panelled Shorts

    Navy beach shorts are always a safe option, but the inner-thigh white panels make these way more fresh and forward-facing. £235

  5. 5. Solid & Striped Monaco Shorts

    Living up to their name, this brand does some seriously solid stripes. Best of all is this classic Monaco pair, which avoid being preppy because of their sheer boldness. £118

  6. 6. Valentino Camo Shorts

    These navy camo shorts are highly water repellent, meaning you don't get the sogginess or sagginess that comes with inferior fabrics. Very Street Fighter. £325

  7. 7. Gucci GG Shorts

    Interlocking G's and the golden bee mean these are classic Gucci. Show off extra thigh with the retro runners' cut too. £240

  8. 8. Òkun Melon Shorts

    This new brand uses traditional pan-African textiles, but modern swimwear cuts. These light-blue melon-print ones do it for us. £75

  9. 9. Club Monaco Seerscuker Shorts

    These Arlen shorts come in a cosy, preppy seersucker, but the sheer shortness sexes them up just enough. Great on and off the beach. £75

  10. 10. Robinson Les Bains Briefs

    As well as shorts, everyone needs a basic pair of black speedo-style briefs. A clean look and a way of getting some sun to that upper thigh. £80


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