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June 27, 2017

5 of James Turrell’s Dreamiest Installations

Get lost in a world of light

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Aten Reign

    For his 2013 exhibition at the Guggenheim, Turrell created a major installation entitled Aten Reign (2013), radically transforming the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum with a variety of colours from the ceiling to the floor.

  2. 2. Roden Crater

    The Roden Crater (Turrell's self-proclaimed magnum opus) is located in the arid deserts of Northern Arizona and is a large-scale artwork housed in a volcanic cinder cone. Using the classic pin-hole camera technique, Turrell manipulates human visual and psychological perception with his most epic skyspace.

  3. 3. Afrum I (White)

    Housed in the Guggenheim, Turrell's 1967 work Afrum I (White) looks like a luminous three-dimensional cube, but is actually the conjunction of two flat panels of projected light.

  4. 4. Bridget’s Bardo

    As James Turrell's largest ever walk-in light installation, Bridget’s Bardo, was made in 2009 in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, and is an 11 metre high ‘space within a space’ structure which covers 700 metres and reaches up to the museum’s glass roof.

  5. 5. The Light Inside

    As part of Turrell's major retrospective at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, The Light Inside featured seven major light installations by Turrell, including the beloved (and now-iconic) light tunnel.


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