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February 9, 2018

Aries, Also Made For Men

The guys who love the womenswear now have to share their secret

  • Written by Amuse Team

Aries has been seen on the backs of Edie Campbell, Adwoa Aboah, Grace Ladoja and i-D’s Julia Sarr-Jamois, but it’s also been a thrill to wear for all men wanting to subtly signify their alternative nature through a “female” brand. Not that Aries was ever really womenswear in the first place: Creative Director Sofia Prantera always played with tomboy looks, and now in an almost Shakespearean way, you can play with your identity by wearing menswear by a womenswear brand that references menswear. We caught up with Prantera to find out why she decided to start this unisex line.

Why did you decide to go into menswear? A lot of men were already wearing Aries already and it was fairly unisex. I guess you must have wanted to do something different for men…
You are right, it has always been unisex, but we are now selling in a menswear showroom, which is what made the difference. The offering is still the same. I always loved menswear on women and to distinguish between the two nowadays seems archaic. There is an obvious size issue, so we increased the size offering to meet the demand that was clearly there from a men’s consumer. The timing reflects an increasing demand and interest in what we’re doing at Aries.

Do you imagine a lot of women now wearing your menswear?
They already do. We photograph the line both on men and women. Some pieces might be more challenging for some of the women and vice versa.

What kind of men did you have in mind when you designed the first collection?
I see myself as a product designer, so the customer will decide. I was quite reluctant to shoot it on men as it means defining it, but I am getting used to it.

Who are your all-time favourite most stylish men?
Brian Ferry, Steve Buscemi in Fargo, A$AP Rocky, Franco Citti in Accattone, anyone in an 1995 Patagonia Catalogue 🙂

Which famous men would you most like to see in your collections and why?
Not into fame really.

 The new collection is available now at


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