September 16, 2016

Capturing Cuba’s Colours, Cars and Community

Technicolour low-riders, basketball courts and beach parties

  • Written by Samira Larouci
  • Photography by Sabb Adams

22-year-old London-based photographer Sabb Adams might be more accustomed to shooting rappers like Skepta, BBK and Novelist but he recently headed to Havana, Cuba for a week to capture the local scene.




“I went on my own and spent exactly one week there, however being isolated from the outside world with no Internet makes it feel like you’re there for a while.” He says, “I wanted to go to Cuba for a long time but what made me go sooner is when I read how it’s modernising more and more everyday, so I had to go before things changed drastically. Many locals told me that a lot changed in the past few years but it’s still considered the same to them. I’m thankful I got there in time to see what the photos show.”



And there are some major perks to travelling and shooting alone “I made some good friends out there who showed me around, took me to places no tourists would go to and introduced me their friends.” Which clearly helped with getting access to prime photo opps, “Everyone there leaves their front door wide open so I could see inside their homes, how they’re sat down watching TV or mothers helping kids do their homework, cooking, etc. So when I’d see these photo opportunities I’d offer some change and ask to take a photo, then they’d invite me in for a coffee or take me upstairs and give me a different perspective of the city by standing on the rooftops or balconies.”





And what about partying? “I met this guy called Ismal, who took me to this beach party where I was the only tourist. It was an unforgettable experience. It seemed like the whole of Havana’s youth turned up.” He says, “The music was so moving; the way people dressed and looked was different to what I saw in the day. I regret not taking my camera with me that night. Plus I was baffled to see rum being sold in small cartons like it’s Ribena, with a straw as well!.”



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