April 11, 2017

Everything You Need to Feel Good this Month

Everything from collagen boosting gin to liquid gold face masks

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Eye Contour Sheet Mask

    Forget those till-point sheet masks. CellCosmet is a Swiss skincare company that has mastered both cellular and plant technology to create a range of products guaranteed to show results. This CellCollagen eye mask (which comes in a box of five) is a favourite of Liv Tyler and Claudia Schiffer and is an instant eye plumper. Using Hibiscus Oligopeptides to instantly hydrate and smooth out expression lines and a special blend of three different weights of hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise and encourage cellular regeneration - after one use you'll already notice the difference. £307 cellcosmet.co.uk

  2. 2. Collagen-Infused Gin

    Though it sounds near-mythical, collagen-infused gin is now a thing. Branded with the painfully punny name, Collagin is a guilt-free and age-defying way to inebriate yourself. The gin is infused with anti-ageing botanicals including star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, as well as the pure liquid collagen. £34.99 collagin.co.uk

  3. 3. Hydration Vaccine Cream

    Niod is a range of skin care aimed at the “hyper-educated.” In other words, if you know your hyaluronic acid serum from your vitamin C face cream (and when to use it), then this brand is for you. As with all their products, Niod break down everything that’s inside the Hydration Vaccine. From fungi composite and blue algae film to enzyme-reacted glucosamine amide, Niod will make sure you’re up to speed on the molecular structure of your day cream. £32 niod.com

  4. 4. Balmyard Beauty Oils

    Balmyard Beauty is the delicious new skincare range created by casting director Larissa Gunn. Inspired by century-old Jamaican spiritual remedies and made using locally-sourced ingredients, Balmyard oozes warm Caribbean nights. The Moonlight Lover Facial Oil is made from nourishing rosehip seed and prickly pear seed whilst the Romantic Call body oil Romantic Call is made from ylang-ylang, rose and sweet almond oil and leaves skin ridiculously silky-smooth. balmyardbeauty.com

  5. 5. Youth Facial Serum

    Root Science is the new organic skincare line you need to know. Made from the world's finest botanicals, the line is more than just face creams and serums. Having meticulously sourced and blended nature's most healing plants and detoxifying clays, this is beyond fads or trends. Try the brand's Youth Prevention Serum, made from prickly pear oil, sacha inchi oil (which is the highest plant-based source of Omega-3) and passionfruit oil (which decreases hyper-pigmentation and boosts collagen). The serum is best used lavishly at night and first thing in the morning to protect and prevent early lines and blemish prone skin. $120 shoprootscience.com

  6. 6. Liquid Gold Face Mask

    If you're starting to prep your skin for summer, there's no better way to get that early summer glow than with Oribe's indulgent Gold Envy face mask. This caviar and lime-infused mask is deeply restorative for dull skin, thanks to a gentle blend of sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil. Not to mention, the mask is actually made from real gold particles, which are proven to deeply hydrate the skin. £72 oribe.com


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