October 13, 2015

Get The Ultimate High from £65 a Night

Amuse rounds up our favourite 10 treehouses from around the world

  • Written by Samira Larouci
  1. 1. Gibbon Experience, Laos

    Five three-storey treehouses perched 100 foot high in the rainforest canopy in the most remote part of Laos, accessible only by zipwire – Gibbon Experience is the prime destination for adrenaline junkies. Wake with the morning mist and watch the gibbons tangle themselves in the vines overhead and sleep beneath the stars at the world’s tallest treehouse. Prices start from £65 per night:

  2. 2. Nature Observatorio, Costa Rica

    With panoramic views of the lush rainforest, Caribbean ocean and eastern horizon, Nature Observatorio is perched 25 metres high and runs on solar power and rainwater. The lego-like structure is held together without a single nail or screw and, if you don’t fancy climbing your way to bed, there’s even a solar powered lift. From £108 per night:

  3. 3. Post Ranch Inn, California

    Sat atop the cliffs of Big Sur, 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, Post Ranch Inn is the ultimate Californian getaway. Follow in the literary footsteps of residents past and plunge deep into the salt water infinity pools that surround the ranch and spill into the Ocean. Then, hike up to your treetop house, cozy up in your very own indoor Jacuzzi and stargaze yourself into slumberland. Prices start from £766 per night:

  4. 4. Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

    Free Spirit Spheres are a set of three fiberglass and wood tree houses—named Eve, Eryn and Melody—accessed from a spiral stairway and suspension bridge, 15 feet high and delicately hung with zero stress or affliction to the trees. The spheres sway gently with the Pacific breeze and, with no TV in sight, it’s a chance to remind guests to live harmoniously with nature. From £90 per night:

  5. 5. Nihiwatu, Indonesia

    A remote eco-lodge on the lesser-visited island of Sumba in Indonesia, Nihiwatu is composed of 21 tree top villas. On one side it’s surrounded by 175 hectares of tropical forest and on the other the Indian Ocean, stretching as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in some of the last accessible (Sumba is just a short flight from Bali) untouched waters of South-East Asia. Prices start from £679:

  6. 6. Tree Hotel, Mirror Cube, Sweden

    In the far north of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, sits this iconic 4x4x4 treetop sanctuary built by Scandinavian architects Tham & Videgård. The rooms are four to six metres above ground with spectacular views of the Lule River. Prices start from £374 per night:

  7. 7. Ariau Amazon Towers, Brazil

    French explorer Jacques Cousteau prophesised Ariau Towers back in 1982 and they don’t disappoint. Nestled high in the canopy in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Ariau Amazon Towers is the only treetop hotel in the rainforest and one of the largest in the world. From £271 per night:

  8. 8. Lion Sands, South Africa

    Wake up to the sounds of the African bush and sleep under the stars in the ultimate open-canopy tree houses of Lion Sands in the Kruger national park. From the Modernist glass and wood structure of the Kingston Tree house to the majestic Leadwood Kensington Tree house – watch the sun set over the savannah while elephants eat from the trees beneath your bed. From £188 per person per night:

  9. 9. India Vanya Treehouse, India

    A no frills tree house powered by solar electricity and wind mills, nestled quietly in the hilly rainforests of Kerala–a part of India that could merit it's own list of amazing treehouses alone–spread across 10 acres and built on a single tree that runs through each room mean you can’t get any closer to nature. Prices available upon request:

  10. 10. Xinalani Retreat, Mexico

    Only accessible by water, Xinalani is the ultimate destination for conscious travellers. Sandwiched between the jungle and the pristine white sand beaches of Banderas Bay on Mexico's Pacific Coast, the palm-thatched tree houses dot around the resort. With resident yoga teachers on hand to guide guests through deep meditation, Xinalani is dedicated to helping travellers re-gain mind-body-soul balance. From £286 per night:

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