May 19, 2016

Kléopatre & Co Are The World’s Luckiest Hotel Pets

From New York to Paris, these guys eat out of Goyard dishes and gram up a storm

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Fa-roan & Kléopatre: Le Bristol’s Cats

    Paris’s poshest hotel has two even posher white Burmese cats. They sport Goyard designed collars and eat out of custom-made dishes from the same French luxury house. Fa-roan and Kléopatre have the run of the entire place, plus their very own apartment, which has been specially graffitied by street artist Renk.

  2. 2. Pearl: The Rosewood’s Dog

    Golden retriever Pearl is usually lazing round on the lobby floor of the grand Rosewood hotel. She’s named in honour of Pearl Assurance - the company who built the Rosewood as their London headquarters. She’s four years old and she loves Instagram. Follow her on @pearl_rosewoodlondon

  3. 3. Matilda: The Algonquin’s Cat

    The Algonquin has had a cat since the 1920s. After the original Billy passed away, a stray called Rusty took his place. Rusty was renamed Hamlet (in honour of the famous classical actor, John Barrymore, who was resident there and whose greatest role was as Hamlet). This grand New York institution has had a total of 11 cats: one Billy, seven Hamlets and three Matildas. The current Matilda began her residence in December 2010 and is looked after by the hotel’s Chief Cat Officer, Alice De Almeida. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or send her an email

  4. 4. Dizzy: Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel’s Dog

    Dizzy is the ex-racing, rescue greyhound that’s taken up residence amidst the Bethnal Green Town Hall’s mid-century splendour. “She's a rescue and a bit shy but super gentle, so wouldn't harm a fly,” according to the hotel. Photography @liolaliola

  5. 5. Various: Soho Grand’s Pet Goldfish

    Gorgeous goldfish are on room rotation at New York’s Soho Grand, where you can have a “goldfish team member” for the duration of your visit at no extra cost. Name them yourself.


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