April 10, 2017

Light, Colour and Flinstones Landscapes in Southern India

Head to Hampi through these photos

  • Written by Amuse Team
  • Photography by Arianna Lago

Going through her archive, photographer Arianna Lago stumbled upon this forgotten series from a trip to Hampi in Southern India. “The village was one of the most striking things I saw while I was there. There are huge monoliths everywhere, so it looks like a landscape from The Flinstones. I was lucky enough to be there during the chariot festival, which is one of the largest Hindu festivals in Hampi. Thousands of pilgrims congregated for the celebration, travelling with carts and holy cows painted and decorated.”


Lago’s candid and observational approach catches groups gathering by the Tungabhadra river, goats chilling, men selling candy floss and cows chewing. The uniting factor? “The warmth of the light and the richness of the colours in India is very unique. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. I fell in love with that and I am craving to go back one day.” Check the full gallery above.



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