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June 19, 2017

Looking to the Future at the Nordic Biennial

Head to Moss in Norway for a sci-fi art kick

  • Written by Nadja Sayej

Momentum 9, the Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art, kicked off this weekend in the small town of Moss. The artworks all look at “alienation”, digging into the future, technology and our endless obsession with otherworldly creatures.

H.R. Giger, the Swiss mastermind behind the creepy creatures for the Aliens films, shows a pair of silver thrones, which are decked out in skulls and snake-like spines alongside a set of chairs that were once in the Giger Bar in Tokyo in the 1990s.

H.R.Giger_Photo_IstvanVirag_01 _WebRes-001

H.R.Giger, Photo Istvan Virag

At the F 15 Galleri, the Mediated Matter collective (best known for making headpieces for Björk) created a pseudo-instructional video, which suggests how honeybees and humans can cohabitate. Finnish artist Jenna Sutela has made a wall work out of moss, which she describes as “living graffiti” in the hallway of the Moss Kunsthall, (it’s inspired by a book by American science fiction author Jeff VanderMeer). 


Jenna Sutela, Photo Istvan Virag

And how people in the future will looks back on us is part of a podcast by the Third Ear collective. They’ve combined moody soundscapes with interviews from science and technology experts, exploring how we can leave digital messages for people living 1,000 years in the future and what we might say to them.

AtelierCyberspace_Photo_IstvanVirag _WebRes-001

Atelier Cyberspace, Photo Istvan Virag

The real highlight was Trollkrem, a Norwegian art collective, who set up a fjord shoreside performance that involved D.I.Y. cocktails, glittery garments and a mermaid creature walking into the sea.

Momentum 9 runs until October 11 in Moss, Norway


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