January 9, 2017

On the Move in Lagos

Polo, Playboy bunnies and palm tree telegraph poles

  • Written by Stuart Brumfitt

Italian photographer Alex Majoli shoots for The New York Times Magazine, Granta and National Geographic and has been a full member of Magnum Photos since 2001. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Magnum, every month Amuse is focusing on the works of some of the agency’s most celebrated photographers as they catch people, landscapes and happenings from around the world. In this series, Majoli shows us scenes from the rapidly developing Lagos in Nigeria.

Majoli has previously documented conflict in the former Yugoslavia, worked on a personal project on South Africa (Requiem in Samba), photographed life in harbour cities around the world (Hotel Marinum), shot the social transformation of Marseilles and covered the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.


All photos © Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos


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