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April 21, 2016

Own a 210-Acre Slice of Eden

Explore the manicured grounds and modernist architecture of Del Rios Ranch

  • Written by Amuse Team

Among the rolling hills and perfectly manicured lawns of a small enclave known as ‘The Covenant’ in Rancho Sante Fe near San Diego, California two American philanthropists built Del Rios Ranch, a Modernist house. It was 1969 and the Sahms employed the architect Fred Briggs to design a grand concrete, glass and redwood home and outhouse.



The house took three years to build and became notorious for its mixture of northern Californian Redwood and marble floor interiors by the esteemed designer, Arthur Elrod. Set on an Edenic plot of land Del Rios Ranch has a swimming pool, in a pavilion built in the same style as the house, a tennis court, a six-horse equestrian barn, a lake and a lemon grove.



Situated in the middle of one of the wealthiest communities in America, it’s a 210-acre world of its own and it’s come to market for the very first time.


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