June 16, 2017

Photographing an Unforgettable Italian Summer

The relentless heat from Rimini to Calabria

  • Written by Amuse Team
  • Photography by Laurence Tooley

Nothing quite beats Italy in the summer. The searing heat, the energy and the vibrant beach scenes along the coast come to life.

Athletics, Rome, 2016

In a new exhibition, entitled The Distance From Here, 27-year-old photographer Laurence Tooley captures the “essence and the soul of an unforgettable Italian summer,” starting from the north of Italy in Rimini to Cosenza, a southern coastal town in Calabria.

AmarPaul, Rimini, 2016

AmarPaul, Rimini hotel, 2016

From the golden Italian shores of the south to the unforgiving humidity and harshness of a congested Roman city battling the height of summer heat.

From here, Rome, 2016

The Distance From Here (which opened on 9 June and runs until 9 September at Bastien Madrid) perfectly captures the unadulterated freedom and sun-kissed skin of a summer well spent.

Self portrait, Cosenza, 2016


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