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November 8, 2017

See London In All Its Extreme Glory

From night buses to "Harrodsburg"

  • Written by Clare Considine

London is a city for the fickle. It suits those of us who get a kick out of the the fact that it’s too vast to ever fully be discovered. This is the London that’s celebrated in new Hoxton Mini Press offering, Unseen London.

The work of 25 contemporary photographers has been curated, each for its unique view of a certain, very niche take on London life. Shot between the ’90s and the present day, we find studies in everything from Harrods’ super-rich to the architecture of the Olympics.

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_Cian Oba Smith_Andover & Six Acres_2

Cian Oba Smith, Andover & Six Acres

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_Dougie Wallace_Harrodsburg_2

Dougie Wallace, Harrodsburg

The book’s writer, Rachel Segal Hamilton, describes it as “an alternative guided tour of the capital.” Vicky Grout takes us to the heart of the grime scene, with Novelist spitting intensely into the mic and D Double E chilling with his mates; Andy Sewell’s The Heath considers what he describes as “the paradox of managed wilderness” – a less than perfect take on our beloved Hampstead Heath; in Andover & Six Acres, Cian Oba-Smith allows us to experience the warmth of the characters in two of London’s most infamous estates; and Last Stop is George Georgiou’s bus-hopping experiment, in which he rides random buses to the end of the line, documenting what he spies from the window.

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_Janie Airey_Olympic Structures

Janie Airey, Olympic Structures

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_Matt Stuart_All That Life Can Afford

Matt Stuart, All That Life Can Afford

“It’s the London of Richard Curtis movies, in which everyone has clean, floppy hair and lives in smart Georgian houses. It’s the London of art, high fashion and street style,” explains Segal Hamilton. “But it’s also a London where some are struggling, feeding their kids at food banks, taking the night bus at dawn to work.” This is a thoroughly modern take on our post-Brexit, post-Instagram capital.

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_James O'Jenkins_The Queens Guard

James O’Jenkins, The Queens Guard

HMP_UNSEEN LONDON_Nick Turpin_On The Night Bus

Nick Turpin, On The Night Bus

Unseen London is written by Rachel Segal Hamilton and is published by Hoxton Mini Press (Hardback, £26) 


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