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April 28, 2016

Shop Talk: Goodhood

A space for skaters, goths, fashionistas, weirdos, stylers, punks and outsiders.

  • Written by Stuart Brumfitt

Many Londoners will remember the early days of Goodhood circa 2007, when the store was a delicious secret, tucked down a cobbled street in Hoxton. It was a pioneer in pushing high-class streetwear, Scandi style and cult Japanese designers and they were legendary for throwing a good block party, shutting down the street for London’s skaters, artists and clothes fanatics to gather for beers out of iced buckets. Since then owners Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart have moved down the street to a far bigger space, where they’ve successfully introduced interiors to their followers. Whilst it’s more visible and popular, the store hasn’t lost its unique curational nous. Amuse finds out about the Goodhood philosophy.

Goodhood New Store 2

“We wanted to achieve a democratic space where we could showcase a selection of goods that represent the lifestyle we were living. I believe that it’s something that other shops weren’t doing. There is always a disparity between interiors and clothing, and as we started to introduce more home items it was clear, it resonated with our customers. We don’t view our mix as high end or low end – it is utterly unimportant to us those terms. We judge everything on an individual basis. The criteria is, ‘Is this a great product?’ So we can sell high-end luxury items next to something completely affordable. This is democratic and represents consumers’ behaviour.

“Shoreditch is a fantastic place. It has everything you could ever need. It has a high concentration of excellent forward-thinking stores around it. It’s changed rapidly since we first opened but it has meant a lot more people in the area, which has been fascinating.”


“The space is 4000 sq ft. It’s a relaxed place where we want people to feel comfortable about discovering design. It was designed in house with Jo the co-founder taking the lead.”

“Music is massively important to us. We play all types of music and latest is not critical for us to keep up on. Check out our mix series here, which often get played in the store.”

Goodhood New Store 4

“We try to work with lots of brands to create exclusives. Our key brands in clothing are simple beautiful products from the likes of Norse Projects, Our Legacy and Neighborhood Japan. For women, Base Range, Aries and Alexander Wang.”

“Our clientele is an open mix of people who are interested in design. We have a wide range of age from 18 – 50 and of course yes, we have skaters, goths, fahionistas, weirdos, stylers, punks, outsiders.”


Favourite other stores
“There used to be a local bread shop called S Jones near our house, but unfortunately it closed down. It hadn’t been changed since the 1950s and it was remarkable. Other than that, Tokyu Hands is another incredible experience in terms of the breadth of product available and the old Black Flag store in Tokyo was great!”


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