August 21, 2017

Taste a Summer’s Island Escapism in Europe

Arturo Bamboo share their photos from Hydra, Panarea and Formentera

  • Written by Tin Dabbay

Summer vacays are for siestas, sandy frolics, zoning out and watching your body transform under the sun. This sweet spot is what Arturo Bamboo (otherwise known as work and life partners Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo Van Kampen) have captured in a new book, which they’re launching on the Greek island of Hydra on 9th September.

Based in Berlin for the grind, the two usually set off to Mediterranean beaches to unwind. What came out of it is a series of summer photos that spans their travels in the islands of Hydra, Panarea and Formentera.

28 - Cooling off, Panarea, 2016

Cooling off, Panarea, 2016

33 - Cemetary, Panarea, 2016

Cemetary, Panarea, 2016

Pleasure in exile is a way to describe their trips. “When you forget about the time, the day of the week and found a new routine – you’re on the right track,” they say. Even Leonard Cohen took the same route when he bought a house in Hydra in his 20s.

39 - Changing on the boat, Panarea 2016

Changing on the boat, Panarea 2016

34 - Looking for sunscreen, Panarea, 2016

Looking for sunscreen, Panarea, 2016

What seduced them about the island? The simplicity. The sky and sea’s blues and the land’s range of warm, burnt oranges. Nip slips find their most natural light and rocky terrains never appear too threatening. Arturo Bamboo explains, “Whenever the sea is in sight, it feels like people change to a slower pace, they feel and look better, are more social and relaxed. Things are simple again. It feels like time stops – this is something we’re inspired by.”

13 - White and blue, Panarea 2016

White and blue, Panarea 2016

64 - Panarea 2016

Panarea 2016

Herbert List, Jacques Henri Lartigue and Slim Aarons are some of their heroes. It’s not surprising as the pair share a similar photographic instinct: capturing something private that also feels universal. As they recall, “We tried to create a photobook which serves as an escape for us, but also for the viewer. It should take your mind to a place you haven’t physically been to but still be able to feel it, smell it and be there in your mind.”

62 - Hotel Raya's boutique, Panarea 2016

Hotel Raya’s boutique, Panarea 2016

52 - Golf car taxi, Panarea 2016

Golf car taxi, Panarea 2016


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