April 13, 2017

The Insta Account Putting the Serenity in Sports

Tennis court geometrics and cycling through Brutalist structures

  • Written by Stuart Brumfitt

Most Instagram followers of @omniamundamundis (aka Davide) go there for the Italian photographer’s minimal shots of lone people lost in vast architectural structures or wide negative spaces. They’re crisp, meditative and sometimes melancholy. But in and amongst all the buildings and landscapes are photos that put exercise in a whole new light. “I’m a sport fanatic and I find some sport scenes irresistible,” says Davide.


Whilst the back pages of newspapers are crammed with high action close-ups of footballers tussling and boxers getting their noses bust, Davide is capturing a certain serenity in athletic performance. He mostly shoots using a Nikon D800 (he started taking pictures when bored on work trips), but for the aerial shots like the ones of the tennis courts, he’s started working with drones. However he captures them, they’re a pleasingly clean new representation of people getting their kicks on courts, walls and pitches around the world.




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