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December 10, 2015

The Sight Unseen Interiors Gift Guide

The cult design blog curates 10 of the most unpractical furnishings for your dream home

  • Written by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer

Sight Unseen isn’t exactly known for its practicality. As editors and curators of the six-year-old design blog, we instinctively beeline towards objects that experiment with materials and fabrication techniques, and that fit our shared aesthetic—a kind of graphic, yet warm and colorful, version of minimalism—while rarely pausing to take note of price tags or availability. A home decorating site we are certainly not.

And yet in an ideal world, we would love to live amongst all of our favorite things, arranging them so that they achieve the perfect juxtaposition of ultra-clean, geometric lines with lush, interesting textures and just enough, but not too much, colour. Anything old would be sleek, anything new would have character, and no room would ever look like a page from a catalogue. Doesn’t it sound grand? For our holiday gift guide, below, we imagined some of the items that would live in our dream house, in case you’re in the market to help your loved ones outfit theirs.

Iridescent 5-Piece Flatware Set


First gold, then black, and now a very on-trend iridescent finish is all the rage in flatware. Does anyone own plain silver anymore? When the results are this festive, why would you?

Point-Counterpoint Mobile C by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

ig mobile 1

For the chicest mobile short of owning a Calder, look no further than this hanging artwork from Brooklyn studio Ladies & Gentlemen, which mixes elemental materials and shapes in a balanced assemblage.

Iridescent Bowl by Assembly

Assembly Bowl
These beautifully irregular bowls are made from shards of dichroic glass that are incorporated into the glass-blowing process and then heated and shaped to blunt the edges. The bowls change colour according to the light, creating a shimmering rainbow effect.

Beoplay A2 Natural


This powerful Bluetooth speaker is endlessly adaptable: It can be worn like a crossbody bag, hung from a hook on the wall, or perched on any surface of your house as a styling piece (that just happens to come with a soundtrack.)

Half Moon Mirror by Ben & Aja Blanc


With its stepped silk and wool fibres hanging from a sliver of mirror-polished glass, this sculptural piece by the up-and-coming Providence, Rhode Island couple Ben & Aja Blanc is a looking glass and wall hanging in one.

Junit Lamps by Schneid

Inject a bit of fun into your décor with these modular geometric pendant lamps, made from interchangeable pieces of turned ash that are painted with pretty hues or playful stripes.
From £130.

Kugel Ashtray by Fundamental Berlin

Tetra_Fundamental_Marble 2 copy
Up your ashtray game with this (surprisingly affordable) chunk of solid marble that’s as much a piece of sculpture as it is a handy smoking accessory.

Studio Spruzzi Lamp


LA artist Matt Paweski teamed up with his wife, filmmaker Gillian Garcia, to step outside their normal practices and make this lamp, which is anchored by a Josef Hoffman–esque metal cage.

Kilgour Throw by Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk


Slowdown Studio makes limited-edition cotton throws in collaboration with some of the world’s coolest artists and designers, like Saskia Pomeroy, Espen Friberg, and Dutch illustrator Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk. That means they’re equally at home snuggled up on the couch or hanging like an art piece on the wall.

Slon Round Dining Table by Ana Kras

Matter-Ana-Kras-Table 1

Named after the Serbian word for elephant, Ana Kras’s tube-and-slab tables for Matter-Made have a serious ’70s vibe — and these days in design, that’s considered a compliment.


Studiopepe / Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto
NAME: Palme 2014
FOR: Elle Decor Italia
YEAR: 2014
PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Ferrari


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