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January 9, 2017

The Style Edit: MFW

From Prada and Gucci tracksuits to Jil Sander sneakers, these are our picks

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Prada Tracktop

    If you're gonna wear a tracksuit - make it a Prada one. This contrast hemmed 70s style beauty is perfect for men or women, tight or loose - just wear it with some contrast pants to highlight the details. $1,020

  2. 2. Fendi Swimsuit

    Fendi swimwear. Enough said. This red and white 80s inspired swimsuit is perfect with some washed out mom jeans and sneakers. £310

  3. 3. Prada Bowling Shirt

    Made in collaboration with French artist Christophe Chemin, this surrealist Prada bowling shirt is a sure-fire sell out. Wear with navy cigarette pants and white sneakers. £535

  4. 4. Versace Crop Top

    Yes it's technically a sports bra but it could easily be worn with some low-slung washed out vintage Versace jeans and some sneakers. Or just to flex at your yoga class. £120

  5. 5. Prada Coat

    Nothing beats a Prada coat. This light-grey wool, angora and cashgora coat with concealed fastenings is classic Prada and a minimalists dream. £2,190

  6. 6. Gucci Popper Tracksuit

    Remember those 90s Adidas poppers that Kim K was wearing with fishnets pre-Paris raid... well the next best thing would be this Gucci silk-wool mix version. £1,140

  7. 7. Marni Sweater

    This oversized wool blend Marni sweater is perfect with raw-hemmed jeans and a crisp white shirt. £470

  8. 8. Jil Sander Sneakers

    The ultimate minimal sneaker. The Jil Sander tennis shoe. £265

  9. 9. Gucci Bamboo Bag

    This off-white take on the classic Gucci bamboo bag is the sexiest back out atm. Wear with a chill outfit, let the bag do the talking. £2,020

  10. 10. Calvin Klein Bandeau

    Boob tubes are back to stay. This super classic early 00s bandeau from Calvin Klein will last a lifetime. £305


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