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January 31, 2017

The Symbolic Power of the Porsche 911

It doesn't get much better than this German beast

  • Written by Amuse Team

Cars don’t get much cooler than the Porsche 911. Now the design classic is being celebrated with its own book, which sees the sporstcar in its various incarnations, flying down freeways, crossing deserts and even looking prettier than the New York City skyline.


Photography by Guido Steenkamp, from Porsche 911, Copyright Gestalten 2017

Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon is as good a collection images of the car as a mad fan is going to get. These portraits of the bug-eyed beauty have been taken from its launch in 1963 (when Ferdinand Porsche couldn’t find a sports car he liked, so built one himself) to present day, and all show what an enduringly beautiful, roaring power symbol its been throughout. Check out our favourites here.


Porsche Archiv, Porsche-Werkfoto, from Porsche 911, Copyright Gestalten 2017


Main image and images 4 & 5: Photography by Vincent Perraud, from Porsche 911, Copyright Gestalten 2017
All other images: Porsche Archiv, Porsche-Werkfoto, from Porsche 911, Copyright Gestalten 2017

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