November 1, 2017

The Ultimate Pre-Vacay Treatments

Hydra-facials, lash lifts and 3D brows

  • Written by Samira Larouci

3D Brows

Thanks to the Kardashian and Jenner clan, perfectly thick but groomed brows have become the most coveted item of 2017. 3D brows are a game-changer and you’ll become addicted long after your trip. First the technician will gently thread the brows to give shape and definition. Step two; the technician will then tint the brows to whatever colour you want, lifting the face and creating definition. The third and final step: the technician will apply tiny eyebrow extensions (yes, this is a thing and it exists) to the parts where you may have patchy hair growth…et voilá you now have the brows you’ve always dreamt of. Urban Retreat, Harrods, London

Yumi Lash Lift

When you see those poolside “make-up free” pics of celebrities, ever wondered how their eyes look so defined without an ounce of make-up? I guarantee it’s because they all get a lash lift. Forget the gross eyebrow curling of the early noughties, Lash Lift is a three-step process that involves tinting the lashes, applying a setting solution and then gently lifting them to make your eyelashes look like a set of falsies. Once you get it, you won’t ever look back. Urban Retreat, Harrods, London



Want to look like Bella Hadid emerging from the water in Mykonos in that insta-pic looking fresh-faced, natural and 1000% babe-ing? Medispa will make that happen. The ultimate vacation look has to be as natural as possible and the best way to do that is to make your canvas perfect. Get the signature Hydra-Facial first; it involves three levels of deep cleansing using a micro-vacuum on the skin (don’t be afraid – the results are unbelievable), followed by soothing, nourishing serums also applied using the same technique. If you want to achieve the real Bella perfection then add a little lip plumping into the equation –  Dr Wassim Taktouk will add just under 0.5ml of filler to the cupid’s bow to give a naturally plump look that means you’ll spend your entire trip not wearing lip liner, lipstick or even lip balm. Beyond Medispa, Harvey Nichols, London

Brazilian Blowdry

There’s nothing worse than spending half of your holiday washing and blow-drying your hair – trying to rescue it from the salty sea water and harsh climates can be a total bore. This is where a good Brazilian Blowdry comes in. It penetrates the hair follicles deeper than any conditioning treatment and basically overloads them with Keratin (high source of protein for the hair) which takes away frizz and fly-aways, meaning that post-pool you can simply run to your room, wash your hair and leave your room with no hair dryers or straighteners necessary. Daniel Gavin, Selfridges, London


This is a no-brainer. Going away with your feet unkempt is just not plausible in 2017. To have a truly hassle-free vacay, get a gel polish applied to the toes – this will give you three weeks of chip-free polish and means you can pack nothing but pool slides. Daniel Gavin, Selfridges, London


Main image: @bellahadid


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