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February 8, 2016

The Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

As nothing says je t'aime like a Betony Vernon 'massage' ring or a Chanel pearl necklace...

  • Written by Amuse Team
  1. 1. Betony Vernon String of Pearls Massage ring

    This pearl ring might look prim n’ proper but it’s intentions are far from it – swing the ring around so that the pearls sit on the inside of the palm and it transforms from knuckleduster to pleasure-giver. £615

  2. 2. Chanel Black Pearl Necklace

    The only time you’re going to hear your girl beg for a pearl necklace in 2016 is if it’s this Chanel one. Part-body harness, part-choker, it can be worn over a sheer dress or even better, on it’s own. £3130

  3. 3. Fleet Ilya Chain Collar & Cuffs

    Made from buttery soft leather, these Fleet Ilya collar and cuffs can be worn either to the front or back of the body… Made in England, they’re more Story of O than 50 Shades. £215

  4. 4. A Weekend at Paris’ Hotel Amour

    If you’re planning to go let loose in a hotel somewhere, where better than Paris’ Hotel Amour. Modeled on Japan’s love hotels, André’s Hotel Amour is the perfect spot to book up a suite, run a bath and when you need a change of scenery, take a stroll around Pigalle’s sex shops and do some worth-while impulse buying. From £150

  5. 5. Original Warhol ‘Querelle’ Film Poster

    Androgynous, gender-fluid, bi-sexual – call it what you want, but perhaps no film poster captures today’s progressively, sexually ambiguous mood better than Andy Warhol’s designs for Rainer Fassbinder’s Querelle. You could consider it ironic that the film’s from 1982, but we’d happily settle for iconic. £1,013

  6. 6. Christopher Kane Macramé Lace Bra

    Christopher Kane’s was inspired by the heart for his S/S16 resort collection. Made from macramé lace and backed in mesh, this bra is perfect underneath an unbuttoned shirt and black trousers. £345

  7. 7. Comme des Garçons Play Converse

    No guy is asking for a teddy bear, chocolate, roses or weird edible body paint, but these black and white Comme des Garçons Play Converse hi-tops are a discrete gift that will last long after V day. £100

  8. 8. Bob Carlos Clarke’s ‘Obsession’

    England’s answer to Helmut Newton, Bob Carlos Clarke’s book Obsession is an exploration into the female form, latex laden, anonymous and oozing with sex. Get inspired. £109

  9. 9. Bukowski’s ‘Love Is A Dog From Hell’ First Edition

    What better gift for a guy than a first edition of Bukowski’s ode to love and heartbreak Love is a Dog From Hell. It’s bittersweet – if you ever break-up he’ll be haunted by you every time he looks at it. With lines like “I loved you like a man loves a woman he never touches, only writes to, keeps little photographs of.” It’s romantic but far from cheesy. $350

  10. 10. You Own Private, Heart-Shaped Island

    What’s sexier than privacy? A private island. Practice outdoor tantric yoga, turn your island into a jungle sex dungeon… do what you want. This heart-shaped island off the coast of Montreal could be the ultimate aphrodisiac for the price of a two-bed flat in Clapton. £496,247


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