February 10, 2017

This Exercise Class Will Help You Pull

Ever tried pheromone training?

  • Written by Phoebe Luckhurst

Reputedly, sweat contains pheromones. You might think you smell really bad after a stretch on the cross-trainer, but it’s after intense exercise that you are best primed to attract a mate. Or so the theory goes at Gymbox’s newest class, P.I.T. (Pheromone Improvement Training), which bills itself as “the gym class guaranteed to get you lucky”.

Those who submit have to climb into a snug, bespoke sweat suit, that drives up your body temperature to ensure you are slick with sweat, before you complete a 20-minute work-out. 20 minutes is, reportedly, the “optimum time to produce fresh sweat and the key pheromone needed to make humans irresistible to other humans: androsterone”.

The work-out might be brief but it is intense – you thrash around doing a combination of HIIT exercises like squats, and strength and resistance training involving Bulgarian bags and their punitive ilk. Luckily, the exercises have been choreographed in order to “hit key sweat  points on the body”, which include forehead, lower back, groin (grimace) and armpits. The air con in the studio is switched off for the class, to maximise the salty excretions.

Afterwards, you’re – technically – forbidden to shower, or use deodorant lest you inadvertently wipe off some of the androsterone, which is only active for the next two hours, so you must go on the hunt almost immediately, and probably still in your kit. Mercifully, the gym cannot police this, although obviously if you do test it on the off-chance it makes you irresistible, you likely ought to follow their advice at least once.

Gymbox insist this class isn’t a joke – though it would definitely count as a successful stunt if it were. It’s been launched in time for Valentine’s Day, although it’s unclear if it will be made a permanent fixture in Gymbox’s compendium of eccentric work-outs.

So don’t wipe the sweat from your brow: humans are animals and it could win you admirers.


Image courtesy of Love, the movie directed by Gaspar Noe, 2015.


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