Born To: Pushing Human Endurance to the Limit in the World of Free Riding

TAG Heuer and Amuse present the final installment of a three-part series about extreme sports

TAG Heuer and Amuse present the third episode of Born To, a three-part series about extreme sports. In the third instalment, we travel to the Slovenian Alps with mountain biker Primoz Ravnik.

After a death-defying stunt back in September that turned Primoz into a YouTube sensation, we headed to the mountains to find out why he’s driven to these awe inspiring lengths.

Free riding is a new extreme sport with many risks that requires technique, stamina and fearlessness. Primoz is one of the first people to take a bike up to the slopes. In this film Primoz pushes TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 Sports watch to its limits as he free rides down mountain faces.

Featured Free Cylist: Primoz Ravnik
Director: Jon Drever

Presented by Tag Heuer

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