November 4, 2015

Born To: Pushing Human Endurance to the Limit in the World of Freediving

TAG Heuer and Amuse present the first of a three-part series about extreme sports

TAG Heuer and Amuse present Born To, a three-part series about extreme sports. In this first instalment, we follow world champion freediver Stig Pryds and marine biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsay on a journey deep beneath the surface of the North Pacific Ocean.

Freediving is an extreme sport unlike any other. The bottomless pursuit sees divers descend metres beneath the surface of the ocean. Divers rely on their breath holding abilities and dare to push body and mind further and further with every dive.

Join us as we explore the world’s most challenging sports, where physical endurance is as important as mental strength.

Director: Jon Drever

DoP: Stephen Murphy
Camera assistant: Thomas Nicholson
Underwater DoP: Richard StevensonSound recordist: Richard Jephcote
Producer: Nick Rowley
Exec producer: Adam Mitchenall
Editor: Laura Cairney-Keize

A Grain Media Production Presented by TAG Heuer

Special Thanks: Alpha Divers, Free2Dive Freediving Cyprus, AIDA Freediving World Championships

Shark footage provided by: JUANSHARKS/Juan Oliphant and WaterInspired.Org

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Group Director of Video: Ravi Amaratunga
Group Commercial Director: Sam O’shaughnessy
Head of Video: Tash Tan
Head of Creative: Bunney Kinney
Development Producers: Matthew Whitehouse & Kate Villevoye
Production Coordinator: Tom Ivin
Production Assistants: Emily Hodgson & Sophie Dewey


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