INSIDER: 48 Hours in Athens

Raki shots at dawn, evening plunges in the Saronic and underground tavernas: Amuse uncovers the hedonism behind the headlines of Greece’s capital

Travel and hedonism are ways to engage the imagination and explore different, unknown sides of yourself. In the first of our INSIDER videos, interdisciplinary party boy Konstantinos Dagritzikos gives our host, Spector bassist Tom Shickle, a tour around one the oldest cities on Earth—which also happens to be one of the most optimistic despite the recent political and economic crisis—and discovers the Greek capital is a city of opportunities. Seen through Konstantinos and his friends’ eyes, Athens is more than the starting point of a great holiday; it’s a high-octane hub in which to open a bar, start a record label, surf the cultural wave – or somehow make all three collide.

Host: Tom Shickle
Director: Ruaidhri Ryan
Director of Photography: Ed Tucker
Greek Fixer: John Theodosiadis
Greek Line Producer: Konstantinos Dagritzikos
Producers: Sophie Dewey and Emily Hodgson
Editor: Jack Williams
Colourist: Brendan Buckingham at The Mill
Sound Mix: Ben Bell and Craig Dormer at Redlight
Special Thanks: Discover Greece, Aegean, Inn Athens, Grifco PR, Konstantinos Dagritzikos and friends, Konstantinos Tzoumas and the generous proprietors of every restaurant, bar and club who provided us with warm access to their establishment.

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Group Director of Video: Ravi Amaratunga
Head of Video: Tash Tan
Head of Creative: Bunny Kinney
Development Producers: Matthew Whitehouse & Kate Villevoye
Production Coordinator: Tom Ivin


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