September 11, 2015

Second Gen: Petra Collins

The first episode of Second Gen sees Petra Collins journey from Brooklyn to Hungary in search of her ancestral roots

We follow the Brooklyn-based photographer/filmmaker Petra Collins on an intimate journey of self-discovery back to her ancestral home in Hungary. Rekindling with her grandparents and looking for inspiration for her upcoming film, Petra reconnects with her homeland and the world her parents left behind in the first episode of Amuse’s three-part series of creatives connecting with their roots.

Director: Ruaidhri Ryan
Production Company: Lisbon Studio
Producer: James Lowrey
Director of Photography: Ed Tucker
Editor: Jack Williams
Music Composition: Laurie Ross
Sound Mix: Ben Bell at Redlight
Group Director of Video: Ravi Amaratunga
Head of Video: Tash Tan
Head of Creative: Bunny Kinney
Video Development Producer: Kate Villevoye
Creative Assistant: Matthew Whitehouse
Production Assistant: Emily Hodgson
Production Assistant: Ben Larthe


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