September 18, 2015

Second Gen: Sharmadean Reid

The beauty entrepreneur and recent MBE recipient goes back to Jamaica

Raised in Wolverhampton in a large British-Jamaican family, in 2009 Sharmadean moved to London to set up her own business, WAH nails, and found quick success. Now, riding a career high, Sharmadean considers what comes next. So, Amuse takes Sharmadean back to Jamaica to discover the land and life her parents left behind. Could she be tempted to leave London and begin a new life in her ancestral home?


Director: Thomas Ormonde
Production Company: Lisbon Studio
Executive Producer: James Lowrey
Producer: Adam Lilley
Director of Photography: Edward Tucker
Editor: Jack Williams
Colourist: Tim Smith at The Mill
Music Composition: Laurie Ross
Sound Mix: Ben Bell at Redlight



Group Director of Video: Ravi Amaratunga
Head of Video: Tash Tan
Head of Creative: Bunny Kinney
Development Producer: Kate Villevoye
Development Producer: Matthew Whitehouse
Production Assistant: Emily Hodgson
Production Assistant: Ben Larthe


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