Will Greenwood’s Arctic Adventure | Episode 1

Join the Rugby World Cup winner on his toughest challenge to date

  • Will Greenwood & David de Rothschild

April 16, 2018

Over the next few weeks, Amuse will be joining Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood as he makes his way to the North Pole. The competitive sportsman and broadcaster isn’t submitting himself to -45C temperatures and severe physical and mental endurance for the sake of it; he joins a crack team of explorers to raise money for Borne, a charity that aims to identify the causes of premature birth to save lives and prevent disability.

In this first episode, Greenwood’s private preparation for the trek is put on hold when explorer, environmentalist and Amuse Editor-At-Large, David de Rothschild shows up at his home to offer him some super-solid last-minute advice.

Ever wondered why burrowing down into your sleeping bag whilst trying to catch some kip on the North Pole is a bad idea? No idea what a capillary shunt is? Realised that you’ve never previously considered the importance of attaching rope to your zipper fly? David—the youngest British person ever to reach both geographical poles—is on hand to get Will up to speed.

To find out more about the issue of premature birth and to donate to Will’s fundraising effort, head to Borne’s website.

You can watch the other episodes of Will Greenwood’s Arctic Adventure here (and find out if he makes it to the North Pole). 


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