December 19, 2017

Where to Skate in Copenhagen

Soulland’s Silas Adler shares his best spots

  • Written by Amuse Team

To those who know them, Danish brand Soulland’s love of skating has been no secret. But it’s their collaborations with Nike SB that have cemented their place in the skate world in the public eye. Their second instalment launched last week, closing a strong year of the Dunk celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Even thought their campaign was shot in LA and the city “is seen through the lenses of European skateboard youth”, their latest Nike SB capsule collection was an attempt to capture “the vibe of what Friday means for skateboarders and youth in Copenhagen; from getting off work in the afternoon and cruising the streets to a night on the town.” Here’s where Soulland’s Creative Director Silas Adler suggests you skate if you’re new to town.


Photo: Victor Jones

“This was the first place I went to after moving to Copenhagen in ‘96. I forced my mom to go straight from the train to this skatepark. Since then it has had three different layouts. In the early ‘00s it was a rough spot. You would get mugged and your bike always got stolen. To me that place was like Tompkins Square in New York; weed, Mobb Deep and fights. I was there every day for a good five years. Now it’s all cleaned up and a family-friendly place. I go there to skate with my eldest son.”

Jarmers Plads

Photo: Victor Jones

“This is the OG skate plaza hangout in the heart of the city. Every city has this kind of spot. It’s hard to skate there and the locals rip the shit out of it. The gods of that spot are local heroes Anton Juul and Hjalte Hallberg. I’m too old to skate there now, it’s too hard! So, I go to drink beer!”


Photo: Victor Jones

“Weird lil shitty spot. Dope spot to meet up and warm up on flat ground. It’s in the Nørebro area.”


Photo: Victor Jones

“This spot is a bust now. Cops will kick you out real quick. But it had a good run in the early ‘00s. We would go there at night; summer nights filming there were amazing.”

Israels Plads

Photo: Victor Jones

“I guess for people that come to Copenhagen to skate, this is the meet up spot. It’s in central Copenhagen next to the food court. To be honest I don’t like skating here but it’s a good place to hang out. Was also a classic spot back in the ‘80s. Back then it was just a fly out on a basketball court.”


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